Orientation Month Event Submission Form 2015
Looking to run an event focused on student transition during September?  Look no further!
Questions?  Please contact Jared Boland, Academic Orientation Coordinator, at aoc@uwo.ca
Your first and last name *

Please format your response as Last, First (i.e. Boland, Jared)
If you are collaborating with multiple individuals, please only complete this form once
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We will use this information to contact you with details regarding your O-Month Event
Your phone number

*Not mandatory.  We will use this information to contact you with details regarding your O-Month Event.  If you have a Western phone number, please remember to include your extension
Name of the department or service offering the O-Month Event *

Student groups are welcome
Name of your O-Month Event

If this field is left blank, the default name will be Your Department O-Month Event (i.e. Student Success Centre O-Month Event)
A description of your event *

Give us a broad, conceptual idea of the type of your O-Month Event. This information will be evaluated by the review committee.  Please provide as much detail as possible, as it will prevent the need for back-and-forth clarification!

Example 1:
We will offer a drop-in style session where a few staff members will be present to answer questions. We will have handouts available. We will be highlighting the following services: ___________________

Example 2:
Three staff members will be facilitating a workshop on study skills & strategies.  We will be showing video clips, presenting about various test types commonly found at Western, running a Q&A period, and _________________

Example 3:
We will run a seminar or mock lecture to provide information on _____________________
Guidebook description *

We will use Guidebook, an application available for many smartphone platforms, to advertise O-Month.  The description you provide here will be published on Guidebook and will serve as a hook for incoming students.  This description should be short and marketable
Your target audience

If this field is left blank, the default will be ALL STUDENTS.  If you would like to specify that your event will cater to a specific subset of students (i.e. international students, engineering students), please let us know
Thank you!  We look forward to partnering with you.
For more information on O-Month events, Open Houses, or anything Orientation, please reach out to Jared Boland at aoc@uwo.ca
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